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By years of experience, knowhow and a large product range of standardised solutions for libraries, the machines have been developed to exceptional reliable systems.

Much attention goes out to user friendliness. The user interface is designed to be as easy and clear as possible, with preservation of its functionality.

The delivery program consists of module-based systems for outdoor check in, indoor check in, self service check in, RFID security gates, conveyors, high capacity elevators, automatic sorting systems, auto level trolleys, ergonomic book-carts, RFID solutions, stand alone library modules without staff and more.

Outdoor check in unit
The outdoor check in unit is a safe and vandalism proof way of checking out materials. The unit has a tunnelreader with RFID which starts as soon as a material is being offered. The unit has a fire prevention in the tunnel reader. The unit can handle all library materials and is available in different variations. The outdoor check in unit can print receipts and is suitable for 24/7 opening.

Indoor check in unit
The indoor check in unit has been designed to take in materials automatically. On the left, the unit has a desk, where the visitor can place his or her items and push these into the check in unit. There is a small conveyor belt which automatically transport the materials over RFID reader.

While identifying, a red light will light up. When ready for the next item, a green light will light up. On top of the unit, a 15" touchscreen has been placed, which helps the visitor by showing an animation. Multiple languages can be installed. The visitor can press 'done' to get a receipt. It is also possible to build the solution in a unit defined by the client.


The conveyor transports the materials from the indoor or outdoor check in units to the automatic sorting system. The conveyer can be adapted to any size to fit with the number of check in units.

High capacity elevator
The high capacity elevator can handle most of the materials in your library and transport them to a different level. The elevator is an optional element of the sorting system and has proven to be a stable and reliable part of the system.

Automatic sorting system
The automatic sorting system by Newton is a modular system with 3 to 80 sorting units. The sorting is controlled by RFID or barcodes. The materials are then placed in carts, trolleys or boxes. The sorting system can handle all kinds of materials.

The system is stable, modular and is an excellent value for money. Depending on the possibilities, a flexible solution is created, which fits with the available space and your budget.



Auto level trolley
The auto level trolley handles your library materials with care. The trolleys have an auto level bottom, which lowers depending on the weight. This way your books, DVD's or CD's will not fall down. Even when the trolley is not completely filled up, your employees can take out materials in an ergonomic way.

Ergonomic book-cart
The transport of library materials requires a lot of physical energy. Newton offers ergonomic book carts that are flexible, light and have an ergonomic design. Due to the use of a special grip and electric height adjustment, anyone can easily start working with the Ergonomic book cart.

RFID security gate
To protect your collection, we advise you to combine self-service with security gates or antennas. The detection is based on electromagnetic plates or RFID labels. The alarm is recognizable by a adjustable sound signal and red lights. The gates are easy to place and available in different colors. The gates are made of aluminum.

Self service desk (check out)
The self service solution is based on RFID technology. A desktop computer, touch screen, receiptprinter, cardreader and a barcodescanner or Mifare reader will be provided. One of the big advantages is that the components can be build in a client designed desk.

Media display
The interactive media display is a new and simple method that communicates in an innovative way with your clients, before they make the decision to lend a book, CD or DVD. Each item has an RFID tag, which communicates with the display. Once an article is taken from the display, an overview, a description or a book review appears.

An optional link to Google Books, the library system or a similar site will complete the overview.
Also think about the possibility of related books and audiovisual materials.

Unmanned stand alone library module
Newton can deliver complete solutions for unmanned stand alone library modules. Visitors can rent books, DVD's or CD's at any place at any time with this compact module. The touchscreen guides visitors through the process. Contact us for more information.