Library Automation: Fast, Reliable and Silent

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Automatic quality
Library automation is an important factor for libraries to optimise quality, reduce costs, improve working conditions and to achieve more with a small team. Newton offers systems based on thought-through concepts with attention to important details.

Automatic quality and efficiency for your process...

Automation is essential
For libraries, automation is an essential part of the process. A good automated system is focussed on the client and creates an optimal efficiency, quality and sustainability. Quality will improve and costs will be reduced.

What benefits can automation bring to your library?

The degree of automation
For every project, the optimal degree of automation is being defined. An answer to the questions "Which actions are we going to automate and which actions will be done manually?". On one side, the process is done completely by hand, on the other side there is the fully automated process.

It is important to define the optimal degree of automation for your situation. A situation in which an efficient process can take place. In this situation, the process has a good balance in the fields of investment, performance, employees and total costs.